Wednesday, May 24, 2006

TMCC candidates

So tonight may be the Town Meeting Coordinating Committee election. My notes from Monday say “next Wednesday,” but as we don’t meet next Wednesday, today is probably the day.

I have thought a lot about how I plan to vote, and this is what I’ve decided.

Myself. Shocking, I know.

Phil Jackson. I have been impressed with his questions during TM, I thought his dispatcher presentation was just fantastic – exactly the kind of thing I would like to see more of, and the fact that he had spent three days observing the communications center shows a real commitment to knowing what he’s talking about and voting on. Bringing that kind of philosophy and imparting that kind of message to others via TMCC would be hugely valuable.

Mary Wentworth. That might be surprising, considering we seem to be diametrically opposed on every issue that I can think of, but I don’t think that matters here. Mary is an active and devoted Town Meeting member and she seems to prepare her arguments and presentations carefully. I could not disagree more strongly with her conclusions, but I respect her efforts. And she gets a ton of bonus points from me for the bus tour, which I understand was her idea to resurrect. I thought that was a brilliant and important concept, and clearly aimed at improving TM by actively educating the members. I think that is what the TMCC is all about.

Jim Scott. I have never met him, but my main impression of him is that he calls the question often. Even before I was on TM, and I only watched from the gallery or on TV, he stood out for that reason. That says to me that he wants to speed things along and we certainly need more of that.