Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday updates

The voices of reason prevail in this week’s Bulletin. I could provide a bunch of links to each column and letter here, but you might as well just grab a hard copy and read everything on page 4.

Received the second TM packet in the mail today, with its most hearty and impressive Finance Committee Report, Part 2. Also included are the Select Board Budget Recommendations, and some other information. Non-TMers who want to follow along at home can get all this same info and more from the TM section on the town’s website. Much to study and digest!

Thanks to Eva Schiffer for clarifying that the budgets that I had mentioned being available from the Town Manager’s office and School Superintendent’s office are the original budget proposals submitted in January, as a starting point for the deliberation process that takes place in the months prior to TM, and are most useful for following or taking part in those deliberations. They are huge, expensive to produce, and have had many changes made to them by now. The key financial document at this point is the Finance Committee Report, Part 2.