Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What I think: some general opinions

I would like to see less aversion to change. Change is inevitable, and accepting that and working together to help change occur in the most positive manner and with the most desirable outcome is the best way to proceed.

I would like to see more embracing of and less antagonism toward the University, the other colleges, and the student population. Yes, they have significant impact on town resources, and we need to find the best way to manage those issues. But the bottom line is that this is a college town – and all the culture and dynamism and vibrancy that we love about Amherst are due largely to this being a college town. Directly or indirectly, this is why most of us are here, and it is important to remember that without the schools and the students, Amherst would be no different than countless small, remote Western Mass towns.

Also . . .

  • How we treat the most vulnerable among us is of great concern to me.
  • As an avid pedestrian, sidewalk, crosswalk and litter issues are important to me.
  • Being realistic about cars and their role in our society seems very basic to me. Of course we want to minimize pollution, congestion, impact on the environment etc. – but most of us still need to drive and park.
  • Preserving open space is important to me – and so is smart development, residential and commercial. I feel strongly that we must have high standards, but we must be realistic and practical and find the proper balance in all things.