Friday, November 03, 2006

Voting and attendance results

Here are the attendance records and tally vote results, sorted by name, by precinct, and by vote.

Update: These results detail only those votes that went to a tally. Tally votes are the only way people's individual votes are recorded. To summarize, every motion to dismiss was defeated and the main motion on every article passed, but only two of each had tally votes, and those are the results contained in these links.


Richard Morse said...

Having looked at the names in the contingent of members who were present on Monday and absent on Wednesday, of which I was one, I do not agree with an earlier comment that the difference in votes on the motions to dismiss could have been made up from our group of absentees. Therefore, I have no regrets about deciding not to participate in the charade.

Carol Sharick said...

Rich, I agree with you. I was actually absent for a reason until 9:00, and then chose to go home when I found out international policy night was still going on.

I would have voted to dismiss, but I bet some of the absentees had reason to be absent other than distaste for the theater of the thing.

SO glad I missed the t-shirt incident. How embarassing. I wonder if its on YouTube yet.....

Jonathan O'Keeffe said...

Carol: of course it is.

Richard Morse said...

Now that the T-shirt story has run about 48 hours longer than its significance merited, I think that something truly newsworthy in Amherst is in order: a little forgiveness.

Those of us who believed, as Peter Blier expressed Wednesday night, that our town is in the midst of a fiscal emergency and that we need to stay focused like a laser beam on the substance of town business would do well to remember the essence of our own argument. Whether we flaunt the depth of our concern about foreign policy or gasp in outrage about Mr. Kusner's breach of decorum, we are allowing ourselves to be distracted from what we as Town Meeting members were elected to do.

We all make mistakes; some of us make them in private, some in public. Look no further than John Kerry several days earlier. Mr. Kusner was trying to be funny and thought understandably that he would have a receptive audience. He ran into a slightly jittery moderator, who was entitled to a little more respect than he got.

No one in town has made a similar mistake???

On Thursday, I said, "Harrumph" and congratulated myself in thinking that I would never do such a thing in front of Town Meeting.

By Saturday morning and the arrival of the Gazette with its splashy followup story filled with expressions of outrage, my response was a dismayed "so what?"

Anonymous said...

Town Meeting as entertainment:

Anonymous said...

Mr Kusner should not appologize - he was just giving Town Meeting the respect it deserves.